How To Give Your Mouth A Brand New Look In One Day

Today, dentists all over America have new and improved technologies that can help them give their patients a brand new smile within a day’s time. While not every dental office is going to be equipped with these new technologies, those that will will be able to change their patient's lives within just a few hours. The following is how to give your mouth a brand new look in just one day.

Get a Bridge

When a patient has two or more issues with neighboring teeth, it can be beneficial for them to have a bridge made. This is because, unlike an implant, a bridge can succesful cover up the issues of three teeth while using a one-piece bridge. Patients who are missing a tooth in the middle can receive a floating bridge, which can both cover up an empty space while getting rid of cavities on neighbouring teeth. In general, a bridge is going to cost less than an implant, and won’t call for sedation dentistry in Cherry Hill.

Get an implant

When a patient is missing a tooth, the best thing they can do is receive an implant. This is because implants are the closest thing to a natural tooth on the market, and can also minick its functionalities perfectly. The most redeeming factors about implant is that they are sturdy, can be easily cleaned, and looks absolutely natural. In the past, a patient had to prevent themselves to their dental office for more than three appointments just to receive their implant, but today, they can receive it within a day’s time. What this means is that a patient can have their tooth extracted, the implant implanted, and the crown adjusted within the same day. This procedure can be a good candidate for sedation dentistry in Cherry Hill, however, and so taking the proper post-op precautions is advised.

Get a Crown

When a patient has a large cavity on a tooth, it can become weakened and frail due to the restoration. In cases like Check Out Your URL these, having a crown placed on top of the natural tooth can strengthen it and make it last a lifetime (if properly taken care of). Should this tooth be in the front of a person’s mouth, a crow can completely change the look of their smile.

Get Veneers

Veneers have long since been a savior for patients who have complications with their front teeth. This is because veneers mimic the look of natural teeth while hiding imperfections perfectly. If a patient has a diastema, attrition, or discoloration, having a veneer made and placed within the same day can change their life for the better instantly.

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